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charges. boot camp for criminals. it's really tough but getting results out of the young men who survive it. >> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >> a terror plot hatched right here in chicago targeting land marks, each the pare. good evening, i'm lourdes duarte. >> and i'm mark markrd julie unruh is in wrigleyville, one of the supposed target joos it really came to a head in wrigleyville on saturday night. he was arrested for attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device. these are serious charges, and authorities say he wanted to
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blow up willis tower and hurt the mayor, and more, all to prove a point. >> his attempt was to kill as many poem as he could in an area of town that was highly populated in a time of night that could create as much destruction as possible. >> reporter: a resident of lebanese decent, like twept somethings, his facebook page is filled with photos, and nothing to say about his plot to blow up citizens in wrigleyville. undercover agents set him up with explosive device, and it was a rock concert going on just a half a block away. >> everything from his perspective was working and ready to go. he set it for a 20 minute explosive period, set out on foot, dropped it into a receptacle and left and was arrested shortly thereafter.
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>> i was running down the side streets, didn't think much about it and went back it work johe wasn't skilled at carrying out such a scheme and who knew he had had bigger plans for destruction. his relatives didn't have a word to say about any of it after a course appearance sno hoe talked about weapons of mass destruction, talked about biological viruses being released on of the city of chicago. >> and he talked about car bombs. you park the car and let it boom. >> he did state that he believed that the security in the city wasn't what it once was and he wanted to show that. >> there was never a threat against the mayor because investigation was controlled from early on. so therefore, we wanted to run this investigation out and allow it to play itself to the fullest
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extent. hopefully that will lend itself to a successful prosecution. >> reporter: we were in and out of hasoon's neighborhood this evening. we talked to a lot of people he knew and worked with. not one of them thought he was capable of any such violence he was accused of. they said he wasn't preponderanceated and wasn't opinionated or even -- sammy hasoon is expected back in court. he could get 5 years to life in prison. >> territories have tracked down over 20 people with active warrants. their office identified them using 21 surprise inspections. 124 people were found with active arrest warrants living in
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the homes as residents or working there. operation guardian is expected to continue. and the attorney general joins us live it talk about it. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> this is one of those where you go, you're kidding me. >> that's right. >> how does that happen. >> that's a great question. we found a nursing home with a situation in the suburbs who contacted our office, they didn't know what to do. there were sex offenders living there and it was eventually sut down. they realized that wasn't going to be the only place with that problem. we've been going through and making sure that nursing homes is complying with the identified offender law. we found there was some compliance but in addition to that, what surprised us and appalled me was that we were finding residents with active criminal warrants in nursing homes throughout the state. >> what kind of criminal records
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are we talking about? these residence' lives were in danger. >> it's everything. aggravated battery, battery, theft, dui. it runs the gammot, and so that's the concern. do we have unknown criminals living among vulnerable elderly residents who could abuse and assault them and certainly that has been taking place in nursing homes. >> did you find these people were hiding out, or they were in need of nursing care, they had the record and got it anyway. >> certainly what we found is many of the individuals we have arrested so there has not been a medical need to keep them in the nursing home. many people need to stay because of their medical condition. they're unfit to be moved. but there are also other people from other states. we found people from florida, california, arkansas, with active arrests. >> are other states following what you've been doing.
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>> we've talked to the other states because i don't think illinois is the only state with this situation. >> you have some of the best poll numbers in the state. not running for mayor. >> i am not running for mayor. i am proud to be your attorney general. >> any plans in the future to think about it. >> my plans are to focus on the re-election for election. mayor daly has a list to fill. today, former senator karen moseley braun got closer to throwing her hat into the ring for the mayor. also questions were raised by jesse jackson jr.'s candidacy. >> who will lead this city in a post daily area judge former us senator carol moseley braun hopes the answer is her name, stand nothing front of the podium with a carol for chicago sign. she's not formally announced her candidacy for mayor of chicago
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but seize formed a and the to get the necessary petitions for the 12,500 voters by the deadline. >> a petition drive will give us the chance to do what harrison called for when hoe ran in 1982. challenge the voters to register, structure a campaign, and listen to all of chicago. >> brawn has name recognition, has held state and local office and is can quickly put together a campaign together to put together political life. but she has baggage. remember the trip to nigeria she took that she never informed the state department. it was local and national, but those kinds of decision making choices will come into play. >> then there's the jesse jackson campaign. today in a rally by the united painters and allied trade, jackson was unable to attend due
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to illness. his wife was asked who might run for mayor, her husband or she. >> i have considered it. i'm less inclined to do it at this point. i think he is imminently qualified should he decide to do this. >> he's more likely than you are at this point . >> at this point, yes. >> reporter: another person getting closer to a decision is tom dark, who said, quote, i'm not as quick as some people might be out of the box. while the list of mayoral candidates continues to grow, the time left to file petition and is raise money is just over two months. robert jordan, wgn news. on the prowl near a downtown play ground. a wiley coyote found and residents are worried about their safety.
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genetically altered salmon, should it be sold to consumers. tom skilling tells us we@ ó
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as a mom i believe books brighten a child's future. so join the sunnyd book spree. when your child's class collects 20 labels... they get 20 free books! go to and help us make classrooms sunnier. dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long. dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. a coyote casually walking around a play ground downtown. he's not shot. he shot these shots from the
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river north area. concerned moms watching over their kids called animal care and control. coyotes in the city aren't new but they used to be skiddish around people. neighbors are worried about small children as well as their pets. >> it's a coyote, and we were scared. >> somebody had walked around and called animal control so we're kind of concerned about everybody's safety, especially around the kid's park. >> my main concern is that people aren't realizing he's still a wild animal and the more comfortable he gets around people, probably the worse off everybody is. >> we haven't heard much from animal care and control about going after the animal but they tell us cook cook county has gps trackers to drive away rodents and animals, but not for sure. you may not know this, but a new state law requires drivers to stop for pedestrians using crosswalks, you could get a ticket if you don't. police have set up stings in
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dozens of locations to enforce the law. it requires cars to stop for pedestrians in all crosswalks. an editor who accused the publisher of censorship has been fired. last week, anna reuben spoke to us saying her story was pulled about the story about the book store being too expensive. it does contain advertising generated by the university. the flames publisher claims the story contained errors. therefore, she was fired. critics call it franken fish. the food and drug administration are getting feedback on genetically modified salmon. they claim it's safe to eat and it's altered with genes from two other fish to grow faster than wild salmon. opponents fear it could trigger
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allergies. do you think altered salmon should be sold to consumers. that's our poll. vote online at, and the results will be after tom skilling's 7-day forecast. coming up, a look at a program aimed at keeping ex-cons from going back to jail. unbelievable video, baby crawls out in middle of busy street. fortunately there's a happy ending. [ male announcer ] how do you stop tacos falling over? [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt.
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>> giving convicted felons a chance to succeed, tonight we continue our beyond the violence series. >> gaynor hall takes us inside the boot camp. >> pick it up, let's go. >> reporter: it's 5:30 on a monday morning. and echo platoon at the cook county sheriff's boot camp is starting its day. >> march! left, right, left, right. >> reporter: with military style precision. >> one, two --. >> reporter: the physical training is intense. >> i don't hear you, three and four, five and six. >> reporter: but the discipline it brings. [shouting] . >> reporter: is invaluable. >> they learn that they can learn. >> reporter: from the barracks to the mess hall, everything they do every waking moment is
9:18 pm
strictly regimented. the boot camp facility sits in the shadow of cook county jail. >> boot camp in some ways means opportunity. >> reporter: to get here, these young men pleaded guilty to charges ranging from robbery to drugs or weapons. then they had to convince the judge. >> we looked at the nature of the crime committed and the criminal and social history. >> reporter: compare three to six years in prison to four months of boot camp and it's easy to see why there's a long wait to get in. but once they're in, it's not so easy. >> it's quite hard for them telling someone what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and some of them end up leaving. >> reporter: those who stay are exposed to a variety of classes, father hood, anger management, they can take the ged and learn carpentry, even urban farming. >> this is like the jewel o
9:19 pm
cook county. >> reporter: more than half the people release from illinois prisons wind up back behind bars, but the statistics here are very different. out of nearly 3,000 people who have been out of the cook county boot camp for at least five years, 68% have not been convicted of another felony. >> the key to that is the regimented discipline. >> it changed me a lot. >> reporter: this is odell fields. he dropped out of high school? when i should have been in school, i didn't have nothing else to do, and just thought i had an opportunity to come up and turn, and everything just went wrong. >> reporter: charged with residential burglary, he sat in cook county jail for 10 months before he came here with his mind made up to change. >> i thought boot camp would be, you know, a good thing for me. >> your life is not over because of a felony conviction. for a lot of these young men,
9:20 pm
their life is beginning judge after eight months they have a graduation ceremony, and then comes the hardest part. the post release phase starting with a house arrest. >> they have a tough eight months ahead of them because they go back to the same communities they were at before they came here. >> there's places you usually can't get in trouble and that's home, school and church. so if they're in one of those four places, most likely, they'll be all right. >> reporter: odell graduated from boot camp in april. he says there's no doubt where he would be now if he had not completed this program. >> it made me realize i can really accomplish something. i came home and got a job at windy city harvest, and received my ged. i probably never would have graduated from ged. i'd probably be dead. >> what it's telling you is the kids are not bad. it's where they're coming from, the environment they're in, and given a chance, the kids will be
9:21 pm
great. >> the transformation is remarkable. it's truly unbelievable. >> reporter: the boot camp can only accommodate 250 men at a time, so the way to get in is often several months. the average age is 22 and the first thing they do when they arrive is get their heads shaved. the executive director says the program pays for itself. besides being self sufficient with inmates doing all the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning, he says he graduate that does not go back to prison saves the state and taxpayers money. >> oh, yeah. there are other counties that are doing something similar or is cook county is t? >> that's what makes this program unique. it's the only county-run boot camp in the country. >> if it's self sufficient financially and it's working, and you've got judges testifying that these kids -- why don't we
9:22 pm
have 12 of these things. >> that's the story they want to get across. we want to remind you to go to beyond the violence to see more ideas, and let us know about more innovative programs to reach more people and stop the deadly shooting in chicago. >> first lady of france tries to clear it up about michelle obama. lady gaga, the new policy proposed by the siren of song. at the breaking point, what could be causing mysterious bone fractures in so many young women. new jersey
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>> it's a little early for a near death experience. this baby had it as a baby crawls under a busy street in turkey. what makes it more disturbing, the baby's mother was just a couple feet away. the baby crawls right through the middle lane as cars drive by. the baby was sleeping in the bushes with his mother when he woke up, crawled out to the road. minutes later, the mother woke up, crawled out of the bushes, grabbed her child out of the
9:26 pm
street and went back to the bushes. prosecutors for 33-year-old woody will smith say caffeine is to blame for why he confessed to killing his wife. the amount he consumed left him mentally deprived. the lawyers say caffeine intoxication left him incapable of even thinking about killing his wife. adoption cases go wrong. what do families do when they adopt a child that doesn't assimilate well, if it's putting other family members at risk. one story tomorrow. booking trips on the go making mobile phones into indispensable travel agent, consyerg and problem solver. 90, we could see temps at
9:27 pm
neent. but keep the umbrella handy. tom skilling has the forecast next. niept. 90 - so, what do you think? - eh, 30 days -- max.
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we'll see about that. glade lasting impressions. two complementary fragrances alternate to keep things... fresh day after day. and not just for 30 days. um... okay. our longest-lasting plugins air freshener lasts for 60. well, that lasted longer than i thought. i knew it would. get freshness that won't fade away for 60 days. with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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with the itching of athlete's foot. i can't just wash it away. killing it takes clinical strength. i only use lotrimin ultra. it's powerful formula can even cure severe cases of athlete's foot. nothing cures better. lotrimin ultra. the killer cure. >> tom skilling wearing a red tie because it's going to be hot tomorrow. >> pretty warm. one thing to remember, it doesn't feel the same, 90 degree weather as it did a couple of
9:30 pm
months ago. we have about 40% less energy in the sun partly because the day is shorter and also the sun angle is more oblique but it won't be blistering and uncomfortable. it will be warm though, and tonight is remarkably washg warm, and in fact, the warm front is bringing the heat in. check this out, these clouds are the ones that produced the thunderstorms that came through parts the area . at one point this afternoon we were getting 400 cloud to ground lightning strokes around lunch hour. in fact, our pilot friend who flies out of wakigan. he was at 49,000 feet towering out looking at those cumulus. thanks for that, and thanks mother nature for clearing the skies late today and pushing out the rains and for what will be a windy day tomorrow. however, we also have a severe
9:31 pm
weather risk. we'll tell you about that in a moment. woe we showed you the hazy sunshine. glennco hit 70 and as you headed south and west of chicago, it was 85 in oswego, and it's 72 tonight with southerly winds starting to pick up at o'hare, 76 mid way, sfeks oswego, and there are a lot of dew points around the metro area flirting with the 70 degree mark so the area has grown humid, and that will fuel the thunderstorms exploding tonight in the plains states. that's the south suburban view. this is a look in missouri where it's 77 now but they had a 95 degree high. in illinois, it was 92. it was 92 at champagne today and 90 at spring field. this big hot air dome is starting to work on a cold front coming into the area. look at these thunderstorms, and
9:32 pm
they tower over 40,000 feet tall in south dakota, back into nebraska. they've been hail producers up to this point, but this is the little disturbance that's going to come our way at the point of peak heating or just beyond it tomorrow evening. we'll have an energetic atmosphere, almost an inch and 3/4 of evaporated moisture and upwelling air into the jet stream where thunderstorm tops can take the wind energy to the surface as wind gusts, so it looks like kind of a wild evening perhaps for parts of the metro area tomorrow where we're outlooked for severe weather. these are temperatures around the area tonight and here are the highs today. you know, we only checked about 1% of our 90s occurred from this day forward, and yet we're going to apparently have two shots of them at 90. if we don't hit them, we'll get close to them as we look at the cool air spilling over the weekend coming up. the two shots will be tomorrow and one again on thursday.
9:33 pm
at this hour, it's still 77 peeria, 87 st. louis. look at the temperature increases. not often can we show you a map like this where readings are 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. the dew points are creeping into the humid mid-60 degree territory with this ripple in the jet stream coming along and going to park itself right over us later in the day tomorrow, about the time the front hits. everything seems to be running on all cylinders, the severe weather threat does, and we'll have to watch it closely. humid 71%, dew point 65, and the water temperature at 69 degrees, moderate values of mold spores and weed pollen across the area, and frost and freeze warnings on either coast in new england and out west, but there's the slight risk of thunderstorms in a fairly compact area. here's how our model handles the evolution of the atmosphere in
9:34 pm
the next 36 hours. see the partly cloud cloud y to sunny skies tomorrow. and these are expected to press east ward into chicago tomorrow evening. and those won't be the last thunderstorms of the week. we're going to sit right near a demarcation line where cool and warm air fight it out. the warm air will win time and again. the cool front that makes its way tomorrow gets to about this area and turns around back north again on wednesday so on wednesday we're back into warm air into the 90s, and the weekend turns cool. low temperatures tonight 68 to 72. nothing oppressive about this humidity, it just feels warmer. partly cloudy in the afternoon tomorrow and strong thunderstorms possible in the evening.
9:35 pm
high tomorrow near 90 and down to 68 with bearably cloudy skies, scattered showers and storms tomorrow night. those could be heavier early in the neat. wednesday morning, better chance of storms in the afternoon, and again, all hours not rainy but looks like we'll get up to 83 degrees again. after a month that started cool, it looks like we're making up for lost ground. >> it's going to be september 21 tomorrow right? and it's going to be 90. >> autumn begins officially wednesday night. how about that. >> thank you, tom. partying with a purp . was at the walk out for cancer tonight. it was four charity and is two bands at the hard rock. all the tickets going to cancer prevention and research. before deana left tonight, she filed a medical report on an
9:36 pm
entire team of runners with mist row bone fractures. coming up, the white house denies it. now, france's first lady opens up about a claim michelle obama says she hates being first lady. back into the sports office, the match up is set. there's your target, dan roan. the boys served up some lunch to the cowboys yesterday. tonight, they're downtown serving up some grub for charity. we'll tell you about that and the blackhawks aren't stopping at two. they're giving away cars today and that's coming up about 9:50 in sports.
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>> a daughter breaks a leg without an injury and another girl, a runner, suffers multiple fractures, what's going on. the bone rubbing disease for older women is striking teenagers and youpg young women with a vengeance. >> a chicago force female player. in great shape, she noticed a strange pain. >> in mid-february i was noticing in my left hip that something was wrong. i wasn't sure what. maybe i didn't strevenlg enough.
9:40 pm
i realized it was probably something more serious, because it just wasn't getting better. it was actually getting worse, to the point where i would be running and there would be tears in my eyes because of the pain. it was getting to the point where it was noticeable. >> she plays safety, strong and fast, but doesn't remember a hit that broke her bone. even an x-ray didn't find one. her doctor ordered an mri sno this is the beginning of a stress fracture and there's involvement of the muscle as well. it comes in with a stress fracture and kind of my radar goes up and i say something's going on here and i get a bone density scan on them and it will show they're osteo pennic. >> it's a precursor to osteo porosis, a disease women are plagued with. >> they basically told me my bones are the same as a 56-year-old. >> reporter: more and more sports medicine doctors are
9:41 pm
seeing younger women and girls, in one case an entire team of girls in crisis? this isn't right. these kids should be having strong bones at this age. instead of building our bone banks when we're young, teenagers and young adults are seeing a trend towards loss. >> reporter: low vitamin d, poor nutrition and over training. the condition can lead to a poor menstrual cycle. >> there are individuals who are actually putting young athletes that are not menstruating on birth control. that's still controversial. but you know, the thought is you're replacing the estrogen and having a positive effect on the bone. >> reporter: natally is going a different group. she's training herself to eat right to protect her body, taking calcium and vitamin d and allowing breaks for recovery time hoping that will give her the safety to get back in the game. >> if my bones allow me to, i will definitely be back out there. >> reporter: doctors aren't
9:42 pm
sure if they can reverse the effects if they've begun. the key is catching it early. one of pop's hottest acts is a cool order to us lawmakers. lady gaga getting serious before gay soldiers before a critical vote in the senate. [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper is 2 in 1. it sweeps and it mops. your old broom just can't compare. [ funny voice ] hey, broom! wanna sweep and mop like swiffer sweeper? then try the mop club for brooms! designed to look natural, even when wet. ♪ [ female announcer ] sorry, broom, but swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock more dirt than a broom. and the dirt dissolving wet cloths clean better than a mop, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science
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>> you may not know it or feel it, but the recession is over, at least that's what a panel of academic economists say. they say the recession lasted 18 months, and it started in september 2000 7 and ended last year, june 2009. if the economy starts shrinking again, that would be a double dip recession. it's similar to what happened in 1981 through 1982. michelle president obama has already denied saying that being first lady is heck. today france's first lady has her back. >> i'm happy to tell you very
9:46 pm
frankly that this is not a nota rised book. >> there she is, french first lady, carla, she says the claims in an unauthorized biography of her life are not true. the book insists mrs. obama made the comment when she visited the white house last spring. >> lady gaga stepping on stage, not to sing, but use her voice to speak out against the military's don't ask don't tell policy. she's asking senators to vote yes to o an appeal to vote against the policy. e tom skilling lake taking a electric at the 7-day forecast. >> it's a turnaround from the pattern we've had so far, which is a close to normal pattern.
9:47 pm
only 18 of the last 82 years we've found have had a 90 beyond this date so that's pretty rare. look at the thunderstorms, the heat that was flowing in on at times 40 miles per hour wind gusts in parts of nebraska and kansas. look at the storms they're producing tonight those winds are, and it's occurring right along up front as you can see clearly marked on the temperature map. 81 at wichita kansas, to 45 just north of williston, north dakota. look at how cold it is in canada. we'll be tapping into that air this weekend. it won't be in a massive gust. you can see the winds traversing the country from west to east. that puts strong winds overhead and allows our thunderstorms to poke up into those and tap that wind and bring it into the surface. part of the waves, we may have some strong winds tomorrow. look at the latest rain fall forecast with chicago get nothing on some of this
9:48 pm
moisture. our 7-day forecast shows 76. that was the high today. it will be up to 90 tomorrow. 82 should be the high on wednesday, and close to 90 or 91 on thursday. friday, 75, and the weekend, cool, in the lower mid-70s with winds off the lake. the vernal equinn ox wednesday night. >> with the 90s, you've created the fun, thank you. >> we'll bring the balloons, thank you . photos of the day captures, let's go back one day, why not, bears win and a rainy day today. here are the chicago tribune photos of the day. ♪
9:49 pm
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but you bake it, in the oven. well kraft corporation, i'm on to you. going after the grown ups and trying to muscle me out but i'm not going anywhere. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. >> 2 and 0, here we go. >> are the me say again, i was
9:53 pm
shocked. >> i think everybody was. >> but we'll see what happens next monday. >> i think they've got the mo. >> they do. i know you're leaning with the bears. i don't know about that, but yesterday, pretty darned impressive. even though dallas had about 100 more yards of offense, but the bears won because they were bringing the wood on the cowboys and bringing it from the first quarter on. roy williams found out chris harris wasn't afraid to put it in there. a direct result of a hammer being put on miles austin. they knocked jasop on whiten out of the game. >> what we want to do is when guys come out of the middle, we want to make sure they get hit, make sure they punish the ball if they catch it. that's one thing the coach is
9:54 pm
bringing back here, so we're buying into it. >> once you get that reputation and during the course of the game, and you see a big hit like that early on, it has to be on receivers' minds as they're coming across the middle trying to make catches. tonight they traded aprons tonight to bring up the celebrity's service dinners, to benefit the corner stone foundation. lance briggs. >> i'm doing everything. i'm on the kitchen, i'm washing dishes, cooking stakes, i'm serving, drinking wine. >> you better be doing that if you're doing all the rest rooet? >> tyler colvin wants to thank
9:55 pm
well wishers after his chest was punctured by a broken bat yesterday. he'll be in the history a couple more days. there will not be a ban on maple bats for 2011. ra mon castro saw he wasn't right and called it off in the first inning, thinking it might be a shoulder issue. it's no score in oakland in the first inning. the twins have moved on from the white sox and are thinking about champagne in minneapolis. michael cadire two-run homer, the hottest team in baseball doing it again, 9-3 in the 9th inning. victor stal berg, number 25 was at practice today and they
9:56 pm
say he's the fastest man on the team, working with dave bolanand marion hol stis today. he's appreciating the upgrade. >> obviously going from one of the worst leagues in the team last year to the best ones, so that's exciting, and i'm looking forward to playing here and playing against good players on this team. hawks open on thursday, bulls on training camp thursday. broncos receiver kenny mckinly was found dead where police are investigating. he'd been on ir with a knee injury. a blackhawks contest was one tonight, and here comes the first prize, a 2011 tricked out camaro with hawks' logos everywhere. those famous spokespersons prmly delivered the car. he said it would have been a lot more fun if he actually knew how to drive it. >> just like in hockey, all over
9:57 pm
the ice, he's unpredictable. it was like may hem out there so we'll have to improve on that a little bit, and i'll teach him how to drive the next time he drives the car. he missed the turn. you expect that from him these days. just what he needs is patrick cane teaching him how to drive. >> did he have a license. >> is he legal. >> not sure about anything. >> i'm lourdes duarte. >> i'm mark suppelsa. from all of us, have a great night@ ó
9:58 pm
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